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Lift, Hoist, Auto car parks

Our destination has always been the complete satisfaction of the customer.


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The offices, the technologies we use and the achievements made so far.

Company specialized in lifts, hoists and car parking, present in Bergamo for over 50 years. We use the most modern gearless drive units for systems without a technical room and supply hydraulic or traditional winch handling systems.

We offer solutions for every environment: private, residential, public, commercial or business. We have a wide choice divided between standard or customized executions, with coatings and finishes for every architectural need. We guarantee an impeccable maintenance service for the automated management of interventions and an active call center service for emergency requests.

Our added value are the qualified technicians always present in the area assigned to them. Wide availability of original spare parts of the most popular brands ready stock.

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The portal for our customers where, for example, the offices for the administration of condominiums will always have the bank statement , the individual invoices , the estimates , the maintenance carried out and historical archive of interventions for each condominium managed, as well as the possibility of opening intervention requests all accessible from PC / Tablet and Smartphone.

Intervention management

The interventions of our technicians are coordinated in real time via mobile APP by the operations center to guarantee the best service in a short time.

For each maintenance we use a customize Check list

Intelligent telephone switchboard H24

Intelligent IVR telephone answering machine active 24 hours for 365 days with automatic forwarding of intervention requests to the technicians on duty based on the intervention contracts stipulated.

QR Code generated for maintenance

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Lifts, hoists and auto car parks


Aras specializes in the installation of elevators of any type and for every need. We use the best components on the market ...
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Aras manufactures customized freight elevators and made to measure according to the specific needs of customers. Equipment for lifting goods ...
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Auto car parking

Construction of car parks equipped with the most sophisticated automatic systems, capable of developing customized projects.
We plan the spaces in an optimal way ...
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Aras S.r.l è un’azienda da sempre volta al mantenimento rigoroso delle norme di sicurezza relative ai vari prodotti da essa costruiti o installati. Ha conseguito la certificazione italiana del Sistema di gestione per la Qualità nei servizi di Manutenzione conforme alla norma UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 e la conformità delle apparecchiature elettriche di manovra ARAS EM 2000 come da certificati EUROFINS – MODULO UNO e IMQ. Riconoscimenti che attestano la qualità del nostro operato.

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Sede legale: Via Buratti, 33/B - 24124 Bergamo
Sede operativa: Via Caselle, 15/D 24020 - Villa di Serio (Bg)




Ufficio: +39 035 369 10 42

Segnalazione guasti: 035 363 155

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